We are moving to the Scottish Golf booking system from Monday 26th July.

The current Google spreadsheet will no longer be in use.

All members will need to download the Scottish Golf App and register with SG.

To do this you will need your CDH number (Central Database of Handicaps).

There is a list of all members’ CDH numbers on the notice board in the foyer at the front door of the Clubhouse.

If there are any questions please let us know.

COVID-19 Update

Please see latest guidance on Covid controls from Scottish Golf : 



Following the latest COVID Update from the First Minister, Scottish Golf has been working with our partners at sportscotland and the Scottish Government to receive approval on our latest COVID-19 Guidance ahead of mainland Scotland moving to Protection Level 0 on Monday 19 July 2021.  

We have now updated our guidance and all clubs should note the key changes effective from Monday 19 July:

  • Outdoor bubbles (coaching & competition) up to 500 with no participant limit per day

  • Locker Rooms/Changing Facilities can re-open 

  • Indoor Hospitality extended to groups of 10 people from 4 households

  • All golf course furniture may be returned for normal use, including the removal of flagsticks, standard hole cups and bunker rakes

  • Preferred lies in bunkers may remain in place at club’s discretion, recognising that not every golfer will wish to use a communal rake

Ahead of implementing these changes, we would recommend that clubs carry out a risk assessment that is specific to the situation at their club. 

While this latest update is a further step forward in the return to golf and its traditions as we know it, until such time as restrictions are lifted fully we would urge everyone to continue to risk assess for their specific environment and respect differing perspectives in relation to risk will still be evident across the wide range of golfers in Scotland. 

We know that today’s update will have a positive impact on all affiliated clubs and their members, and on behalf of everyone at Scottish Golf, we would like to thank you for your continued patience and strict adherence to the restrictions that have been in place.


Over the next few days the Greenstaff  will be changing the flagsticks, setting out the various benches and removing the bags from the bells and ball washers. The rakes will be replaced in the bunkers, however it has been agreed at Thurso GC to continue with the preferred lie as an option when in the bunker.  So, as things continue to get back to normal, please remember whilst in the Clubhouse to continue to wear your mask when iin transit and to make use of the sanitiser frequently. 


Remember, we are planning to change over from the Google sheets booking system to the Scottish Golf App booking system on Monday 26th July. If you haven't already, you need to download the app and try it out to make sure it's working for you.